Jeff Ezell doing magic

About Jeff Ezell

Jeff Ezell makes his way across California as a magician, an entertainer, and a motivational speaker. Jeff’s passion is helping to bring people together united in a common purpose, while at the same time sharing his love and his talent of the art of illusion. As one of the best magicians of Orange Country, Jeff is a professional entertainer and well-rounded illusionist. With an electric personality and approachable manner, Jeff is personable, relatable, and a great choice for your corporate event.

Jeff uses a combination of comedy, improv, magic, and motivational speaking in his appearances. Using his talent purely to help others, he uses his acts to motivate and inspire his many audiences. His acts are custom-tailored for whatever need may arise and he is cherished by dozens of local corporations who have used his services. Serving the San Bernadino, Riverside, Los Angeles and more, he is a top-notch corporate trainer that could be the catalyst for your company’s bright future.

Jeff Ezell Magic Motivation is the perfect opportunity for team building, as his shows are exciting and interactive. Enjoy your time with Jeff as you are not just a part of the audience, but a part of the act as well. The memories of his performances are meant to last a lifetime, and his humor is certainly something that makes him a clear standout. His overall engaging manner helps employers convey messages and concepts that aren’t just told to corporate teams, but rather shown, creating great team engagement but also lasting fun memories.

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